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Our service focuses on humour in its issue about and for accountants, auditors, tax advisers, tax officials and other persons involved in the broadly understood accounting, audit and taxes. A common opinion has it that there is no room for sense of humour here but this is not true!

With GAGFIN you can gain distance to yourself and your work. With your mind set on humour, it is easier to look at the work which often loses its colours hidden behind amounts, regulations, rules. There is a saying that smiles extend your life - GAGFIN wishes to follow just this theory! GAGFIN is not a common humour! We do not want to make you smile just with words. We want to combine works with cartoons. For our visitors we have developed the main characters who act in various scenes and tell us about funny situations or participate in funny situations. There is even more! The cartoons served at GAGFIN are a regular portion of humour split into 7 categories:


Funny definitions
At a doctor

We have made much effort to develop GAGFIN and the illustrated humour that is being published for you.

Humour is supported by our partner 24iValue service, which is a packet of accounting, valuation and tax-related electronic services provided on-line over a www site that is addressed primarily to the same persons who enjoy GAGFIN. Visit the website 24iValue.com and find out that work in accounting, taxes or audit may be funnier with GAGFIN but also easier with the innovative calculators available at 24iValue.com.

Enjoy it!

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