(Beloved) Daughter of Anthony 

10 years old
Marital status: still a child 

He knows more than 50 stories. Favorites include: Puss in Boots, Snow White, Cinderella.
She can count to 100 and multiply by 24%.
She is interested in everything about Dad's work and his clients.
Already planning to become an accountant in the near future, but her dream is to become a Finance Minister one day. 

Personal features:
Inherited his father's sense of humor and curiosity. Extremely smart. Learns quickly.

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  1. No ciekawie...:-)

    Abuse reported
  2. Ja proponuję Marysię:) też mądrze brzmi:)

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  3. Jak umiłowanie mądrości, to może Zofia?

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  4. z imieniem dla chłopca nie byłoby problemu...dałbym może w tym przypadku: Sokratia? albo z uwagi na zamiłowanie do liczenia: Pitagoraska? to byłoby coś:P

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